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You are a skilled storyteller, unlocking visual mysteries, narrating your vision & influencing others in your favour

Image interpretation, Voting

3-6 players I 45 min I Ages 14+

Limited Offer Price: ₹2199

MRP ₹2499/-

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'Bimba' (reflection) is a light and smart game, proposing an phantasmagorical experience based on image interpretation, idea association.

You act as a storyteller, decoding inkblot art, narrating stories, matching meanings of hidden, mystical images. You outwit others by challenging their votes to your favor and win.


Enjoy original and beautiful inkblot art by passionate Indian Mystic Artist created over 60 years.



Discover 84 original mystical inkblot arts on big cards and the Title cards. A storyteller chooses a 'Title' card and matches it with one of five image cards on his turn. Other players use this theme to select a card from their hand that matches the Title. All the cards are shuffled and revealed. Now players vote for the image nearest to the Title.


Each vote counts as a score. The Player also scores when he persuades others to change their votes. The player with the most votes win.


Playing cards one at a time, players will use their visual, judging abilities to match titles with images, challenge votes to outwit their opponents and successfully get votes to their favor. A player may challenge the votes with a more convincing description or a point of view. 


Players utilize each card’s special and unique visuals to interpret and avoid being vague and unpredictable to successfully gather votes. The player with the most points wins to become a expert art interpreter.


84 Inkblot art (Bimba) cards

20 Phrase cards

36 Vote cards

1 Playmat

84 Score Tokens

1 Rulebook


Rule book

Variants (Coming Soon)

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