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What is "Tacit" games?

Tacit means "unspoken, silent, wordless, noiseless". We were amazed by the idea of the amount of Tacit knowledge we gather by just sensing things around and not giving a name to it. We feel that by tacit play one grows sensitivity towards anything. This was also introduced by our professor during our design course at IIT Mumbai.

How we come up with ideas ?

We draw inspiration from various sources. Mythology, ecology, psychology, politics, economics, design, classic games, music that we try exposing slowly as we raise kids. From here, we further develop as we test, optimize and eventually add a theme art artwork that is hand-painted by traditional artistes, designers which further enhances the experience. 

What is the PuzzleDesh series?

Drawing inspiration from Indian Mythology and Traditional Indian Paintings we created PuzzleDesh working very closely with traditional artistes. The artworks depict stories Ganesha, Krishna, Rama. The 60 puzzles are of size 30/40 cms and 500 pcs puzzles is 40/50 cms. In USA, the puzzles are available on Red Patang. 

Can I submit my game idea to you?

Up until now, we have only produced games developed by us. That may eventually change, but for now, we are not considering outside projects. We will float a idea submission event soon some time with a proper brief and criteria

What is coming next?

We are super excited to work on a few exciting BOARD GAMES ideas on Indian themes that will hit production soon. Some are in the playtesting stage, some are more complete. If you like to help us playtest them please reach out to us. You will be the first to see the games plus win exciting discount codes on your future purchases. 

Thanks for submitting!

How do I place bulk orders?

We would love for you to sell our games at any physical location or store. Please do contact us on

What do I do if my package is damaged ?

We work with the most trusted shipping partners who will ensure zero damage, But in case there is damage due to shipping, Please do not worry. Get in touch with us on .

We're happy to send a replacement!

I want to work on a game design project

That lovely and we are super excited with anyone who shares the same passion. Please do mail us on We can talk.

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