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Hampi & the Sun Jewel

Hampi & the Sun Jewel

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Hampi & the sun Jewel is a 2 to 5 player - Tile-based strategy game. ( Playtime : 30 to 60 min)


In this game, You will recreate the beautiful landscape of Hampi with roads, villages, farms, and ponds. In turn, you win the hearts and support of the wise people of the land.


Only those who make judicious placements will gather the support of the people required to win the game. They will help you to build Hampi and acquire the Sun Jewel. True to its nature the Sun Jewel passes among the players to finally reach its true seeker - who wins the game and will make Hampi prosperous.

  • Each box of Hampi contains :


    • 96 Uniquely illustrated hexagonal land tiles

    • 7 Jewel condition tiles & 1 Jewel Tile

    • 120 Support cards, illustrated with 6 characters

    • 40 Wooden markers

    • 1 Rule book

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