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LOKADYAKSHA (60 Pcs Puzzle)

LOKADYAKSHA (60 Pcs Puzzle)

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Residents of Vrindavan are distraught with Krishna and Balarama leaving to Mathura on the invitation of Kamsa; With Akrura as their charioteer; Find the story and put together the blessing and wishes of the good people of Vrindavan as Krishna leaves to be seen by the world as Lokadyaksha. This 60 piece puzzle in colourful Orissa Patchitra comes with a picture card and spreads out to a bright 40cm X 30cm painting when completed.

  • Additional Info

    • Unique shape cuts that can challenge anyone from 5 to 95
    • International Quality Puzzle board for the first time in India
    • Big puzzle pieces : Ideal for Children, Elders ( Seniors) and people with special needs
    • All our products are Machine packed and QC checked. 
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