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SHYAM SUNDER (500 Pcs Puzzle)

SHYAM SUNDER (500 Pcs Puzzle)

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The evenings of Vrindavan are incomplete when Krishna does not play his flute. Taking advantage of this, he cajoles the gopikas of Vrindavan onto the banks of Yamuna to lure him out of hiding. Drawing his attention with songs their only request is that he plays the flute and make their evening beautiful, in this intricate 500 piece Mysore Style puzzle that spreads into a 50cms X 40Cms work of art. Are you mesmerised by his beauty too ?

  • Additional Info

    Unique shape cuts that can challenge anyone from 10 to 100

    International Quality Puzzle board for the first time in India

    Small pieces needs careful management during play. 

    All our products are Machine packed and QC checked. 

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