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A Year of making Boardgames

Having created a set of puzzles with Indian stories, that resonates across generations, we had been trying to work and create games that people would relate to. Games with Indian themes that were simple to understand and play as a group. When we decided to publish Hampi & the Sun Jewel, it wasn't just about the game, but also an emotion. Much of what we have talked about in our earlier blog

It wasn’t just about creating the game and publishing it, it was also about getting our processes right. Right from the quality of printing to the quality of delivering it to our customers. One of our focuses was to create a product from INDIA to match the quality of board - games being published across the world: not just in the making; but also in the way the gameplay was designed. Players across all age groups enjoying and sending us pictures of their gameplay has only reinforced the faith we had in creating the product.

Playing hampi takes one into a journey of building an entire city tile by tile and strategizing to gain maximum support. In the year that has followed after publishing of Hampi & the Sun Jewel, we have built a community of players who reach out to us. They have added to the many versions of the gameplay. We have also built partnerships to help reach out to our customers though many board gaming and e-commerce platforms. As we build we have also reached the last few of our first edition game boxes; as simple reminders of the journey we have traversed.

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