Hampi - The 'time travel' is now a game

Updated: Feb 24

After almost 6 months of being restricted to being inside the house, we wanted to get out and we felt there was no better place to go than Hampi. 25 years ago, we visited as “students of Architecture” but it is a place that keeps pulling us back. This time around, we took our 10 year old son.There really is something magical about Hampi and everyone who visits feels it but cannot describe what it is ! It just surreally captivating.

Surreal Pushkarani (Sacred tank)

It is maybe the landscape with boulders, paddy fields & banana plantations interspersed with amazing ruins of temples, meandering roads, river and ponds that beckons you to wander gathering many magical stories of myths, legends & treasures. It feels surreal in totality - A visual journey - Almost frozen in time!.

Our 10 year old was totally mesmerised by what he saw and heard. About the beautiful landscape and stories about markets where people from all over the world came to trade for Precious jewels, Spices and cotton which was abundant around the land.