Growing up with board games !

Updated: May 27

Back then, With our 4-year-old son(He is 10! now) , we had been a bit conscious about keeping him away from television and gadgets. He was a child surrounded by aunts and grandmothers. Being around them exposed him to a lot of simple games with common seeds, stones and chalk that he would enjoy just blowing out, catching them, counting them…..

Also, he was just discovering the Idea of “Amma’s side of the family” and “Appa’s side of family”. His questions about who is who and why they are of a particular side were amusing.

So, on his birthday, we decided to call all of them together. Instead of having another party with people socialising for a few hours and getting back; we decided to do something different. It was a child’s birthday, so, we thought of re-kindling everyone’s childhood memories. I myself had memories of seeing my grandparents play a game of chess every evening and of an aunt who played at least one game of Pagade (Chaupar, chopad or chaupad) after all her housework was done. She played with her friend and It was “her time” and was not to be disturbed by anyone. My cousin recently re-counted that the two friends fought every day when one of them lost only to come back again the next day for another game and a fight! :-)

With all these happy memories, We decided to have a playday with everyone!

We lined up all the games that all of us loved. The playing cards, The carrom board, the Chess, the Ludo, the snake and ladder which was among Kiran’s family favourites and the traditional games like Alaguli mane (Mancala), Chowka Bara, Pagade which were popular among my family and added the friends too, to this potion.