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New Updates - Exciting gameplays, videos and more!

Hello Dear Players,

Thank you so much for the encouraging feedback of Hampi and the Sun Jewel. We hope you enjoyed your first game with your friends and family. We have been working on adding more excitement to the gameplay, that challenge you in next levels of gameplay.

We teamed up to write this post.

For players playing the basic game play, we added a HOW TO PLAY video, a QUICK GUIDE to download on your phone and use it during your play. Hope this will help you to master the basic gameplay as quickly as possible.

Hampi is intended to be incredibly open ended with elements so that the players can choose the game play based on their preference or agreement with other co-players for an exciting playtime.

We designed the base game with the focus on the Sun jewel to weave the story of the jewel into the landscape and the conditions; and brought in the element of chance. Players can make a few variations to the gameplay so that the one who strategises better wins the game and it is not based entirely on chance.

A VARIATION is a specific sequence of successive moves in a turn-based game, often used to specify a hypothetical future state of a game that is being played. Hampi & the Sun Jewel can have “n” number of variants allowing flexibility in its system. We wanted to share a few variants as suggested by players. They focus on increasing excitement in scoring, possibilities of strategic planning and increased competition among players (it’s still not for heavy board-gamers :-)).

Download the exciting GAME PLAY VARIATIONS here. We have also added TIPS TO WIN THE GAME to help you plan your strategies in advance. Hope this brings new twists when you play next time. We at Tacit Games look forward to any such feedback to help us improve the experience of the game. We truly believe in the community to help us build world class products from India.

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