The tribe of hope whisperers

We got covered in Fundamatics. Fundamatics is a publication of the IIT Bombay Alumni Association, envisioned as one that is by IIT Bombay (IITB) alumni, faculty and students, and for the same vast community. It is a platform that aims to build interaction and engagement within this community, as well as a window that enables different segments of this community to “look out” and air their views and opinions on issues that concern IITB, our society, industry and the nation.

We tried a narrative approach of describing our design process and it was super fun and exciting.

Extract of the article :

On a bus journey…

Elderly wise man (E): “ So where are you heading?” Me (M): “Hampi, sir!”

E: “Ah! Are you hoping to find any treasure?” M: “Didn’t think about ‘that’ sir! Why?”

E: “In our times, people searched for precious stones, gold that were dropped or hidden when the wealth was moved…in Hampi.” M: “Really?”